Saturday, July 28, 2007

Before and After

Before: Always go out for dinner, either individual or with friends
After: Even for lunch, bring my own lunch box and use the microwave in school to re-heat it.

Before: Buy whenever and whatever I like, never comparing the pricing of different brands.
After: Try to stop myself to buy those things that are not in need and only buy the products that cost the least.

Before: Drink coffee everyday, buy the coffee in Starbucks.
After: Get rid of coffee coz this can save $$ and I really need more sleep.

Before: Got much spare time to do some interesting things like bakery and flower arrangement.
After: Time is not enough and always in a mode of hurry up.

Before: Not willing to sleep at night.
After: Very willing to stay at home and take a rest.

Before: Always play a trick on my cats.
After: Could only play with my virtual dogs in NDS game.

Before: Sometimes lazy, not willing to move or think.
After: Study hard, active in class to answer Qs/give response to the lecturer.

Before: Still believe my Mr. Right will be somewhere, not far away from me.
After: I don't really care about Mr. Right and I am not anyone's Ms. Right too. Knowledge is more reliable.

Short-term Goal: Get full marks in the upcoming exams and assignment.
Long-term Goal: Learn all the skills and be the professional in Beauty Therapies.

Today's achievement:
(1)Set up my profile and add in some new stuffs in my facebook.

(2)Bought 48 pcs toilet tissue combo set (almost a year consumption...:p)
(3)More importantly, completed the Senior First Aid Course examination and can provide FA to casualty now.



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