Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Afternoon Tea on last Sunday with pooh b, siu yan, Terra and Maggie, quite nice...=)

The settings of our table...

Old Fashioned Deli Starter - Deli Sampler (include small portion of chopped veal liver, Gefilte fish, Latkes and Knish.)
Yummy yummy!!!

Fresh Lemonade

Burger with low fat cheese and tuna, so thick!!! :D

Can't recall the name of this dish...it's some sort of white turkey and ham...

Four Egg Benedict, great taste! I promised you will love that...

The decoration of Main St. Deli

Main door

Then we went to K-buffet where I had my dinner.

I stayed there for less than an hour before I joined my Sooff friends at a game cafe in Mongkok.

Ha, it's so crazy that I had another meal in the cafe (3 meals within 5 hours!!!).

Please don't intimate otherwise your stomach will get hurt like me...:p



Anonymous mon said...

~~嘻嘻~~足足用了一個小時看完我未看的~~聽到原來妳沒有放棄妳在這裡分享的熱誠我真是高興極了~~(亦解釋了mon消失的原因) 我從沒有刪除這個link也是這個情意結啊!


12:05 pm  
Blogger winking said...

mon san, 有時候我也覺得我們實在是很幸福呢~

12:42 am  

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