Thursday, January 05, 2006

Annual Dinner


如往年一樣,晚會將在五星級的酒店舉行,由去年的New Hires負責統籌,包括場內佈置、獎品及遊戲節目。



今年的主題是Beauty, 借用電影”Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”的意念,透過當晚的活動,讓各員工能體驗[美麗之旅] (A journey to the ultimate beauty)。

兩天前,在桌上便發現了一塊被重新包裝過,貼有印有公司Logo招紙的巧克力。上印著: xxx (公司名稱) and the Beauty Factory。

Dressing Code is Nature, Artistic, and Grand. Staff can choose the dressing style amongst these three, or nothings related (of course, this is not recommended).

Why suddenly changed to English? I can’t tell, mainly because I don’t want to do the translation of the theme.

Just like Willy Wonka’s chocolate bar, there’s a golden ticket inside and this is the admission ticket to the annual party.

The quality of the card paper and the excellent printing quality give me a confidence to have a wild guess of the cost of it, and I strongly believe that the prizes for lucky draw will be affected substantially, in terms of quantity and category.

If my concern is only the beverage, then I will simply quit this event. Those hotels offer poor to normal Chinese cuisine which could not widen my stomach for more. To be honest, I don’t really want to waste the whole Friday’s night on the boring activities (lucky draw with unattractive prizes and boring games). The bad experiences and memories of past years make me reluctant to choose at the very beginnings, however, I replied okay at last for no reasons.

I’m now thinking of which theme best suit me. Nature? Means Nude? With no make up?

Artistic? How to present this? Nodded......-_-

Grand? How grand I can be? I can’t wear my Anna Sui’s sunglasses at night except my eyes were hit by somebody. Or may be a super star to avoid people’s recognition.

Let’s see. I will make use of this weekend to search for the party dress. As one of my New Year’s Wishes, I will wear a dress showing my bare shoulder and back. Now I changed my mind to a small extent. I would like to pick one which can also show the upper part of my breast.

Indeed, this decision is a bit crazy but this kind of dressing style is quite common amongst the female participants.

Anyway, this is just an idea and not the ultimate decision. I keep on changing my mind and let’s wait for that day and see what I will be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This years's colour trend is red and violet ... :)

11:18 pm  
Blogger winking said...

Oh`thanks for your suggestion...:)

8:33 am  
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