Wednesday, January 04, 2006


When I saw the coffee bean this morning, I doubted about what sort of things human addicted to in different phases of their lives.

Addicted to Love?
Addicted to Sex?
Addicted to Alcohol?
Addicted to Pets?
Addicted to Sorrow?
Addicted to Toys?
Addicted to Blog?
Addicted to Internet Games?
Addicted to Internet?
Addicted to Somebody? Like Idols, A Women, Or A Man?
Addicted to A Cartoon Character?
Addicted to Coffee?
Addicted to Gambling?
Addicted to Food?
Addicted to A Color?
Addicted to A Hobby?
Addicted to Purchase?
Addicted to Movie?
Addicted to Violence?

Human, can be addicted to a lot of things.

That can be one thing throughout their lives, or many things appear in different phases of lives.

For me, I was addicted to Changes, New Things and New Experiences……so I never satisfy with what lives giving/given to me.

I believe one day, I will kill myself in a agitated way.

This desire really drive me crazy and I crave for the pleasure of sadness and annihilation.


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Haha~ It's a healthy hobby le~:)
Do you want a model?

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