Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am not Hongkongese?! Maybe I am a monster

Yesterday, my classmate Linda said to me, "你都唔似香港人嘅...". I was shocked, then she continued to explain it to me.

She thought I am full of apathy, always wholeheartedly to help others. I said other classmates also thought she's very nice but she said it is because of politeness, which is different from my enthusiasm on helping others.

She said she is a bit selfish, as what the majority of Hongkongese did and I am so outgoing and willing to offer helps to others with no intention. She said she was inspired by me...

I told her I will be the model for a senior student who's going to have the CIDESCO's exam on next Wed. She's specializing on facial acupuncture and she will put needles on my face.

She's a bit annoyed and worried about me. She said there's a possibility that my nerves will be ruined if the person is not professional enough to provide the treatment. I told her I accepted her request because it's hard for the student to find a model who is not afraid of needles on their faces and I am fine to offer my help without anxiety.

She kept on shaking her head and couldn't believe that someone like me will risk their lives for helping others to accomplish somethings. To be honest, I tried the facial acupuncture on my cheeks before and I am okay on that, so I am very willing to help the student even I don't know her.

Am I risking my lives? I don't know, but my heart tells me it's a right direction to go so I will move on without fear.

I might be silly in the eyes of others but I love my personality and happy with myself...

Go! Fighting!



Anonymous 日青 said...

You are so brave.
but that girl really have a technique to convience you to help!

Say you are HongKongese, and then fXXK the other "selfish" so-called HKgers!!

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4:21 pm  
Anonymous LongMan said...


1:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure she meant EMpathy.

2:30 am  

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