Monday, May 22, 2006

Big Meal in Quarterdeck Club

剛過去的星期天與友人在灣仔看話劇,看之前在分域碼頭的Quarterdeck Club吃了個寫意又豐盛的午餐。



Lovely thing by Siu Yan

Yogurt salad (with fresh blueberries, avocado, green apple and a strawberry.) Fantastic taste!!!

Vegetarian pizza - with mushroom and asparagus, delicious! :)

Scallop pasta. The dried tomato slices are really tasty!!! Great taste!

Grilled Beef Hamburger, not as good as it looks...:(


Dried tomato slices...yummy yummy...

Sweet blueberries and very fresh green apple...full of sweetness...

Share the dish with all the friends~~~^^

The cheese layer is so thickkkkkkkkkkkkk...:)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Winking,

Were you in "Seven Sisters" Road going into the North Point MTR Station around 7 pm yesterday (Tue). If yes, we ran into each other there last evening!

B Lee

11:48 am  
Blogger winking said...

Yes! That's me!!!!!!!!!
Am I looking the same as the photos?

8:33 pm  

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