Saturday, February 11, 2006

Food and Lives

I consider to enjoy tasty food through eating and observing is one of my personal goals in my lives.

Let's eat more and eat better, neglecting the calories and nutrition proportion.

Belows are the Queensland Salad and Chocolate Thunder from Outback.

See how beautiful they are! This really touching my heart...

Regret that I didn't get a huge stomach to hold all these stuffs, but with my dear friends Siu Yan and Pooh B to enjoy this precious moment is also brighten up my day...;D

Thanks so much!!!!!! As you always will be on my sides.

Remarks: Food is not just for filling your stomach and enabling you to survive. We should always enjoy them in a totally different way, like looking at them with funs because of their wonderful appearance and try to find out interesting things and excitement when eating them.

A bit difficult to understand? Coz you were not me, so we are from a very different angle to view our world. This can tells how different we are.

Anyway, needless for us to be the same, right?

Thanks God for giving us the wonderful food and filling our hearts with HIS great power to have all these good things around us.


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