Friday, October 20, 2006



曲 : 郭亮 詞 : 林夕 編 : 郭亮

第一口蛋糕的滋味 第一件玩具帶來的安慰
太陽上山 太陽下山 冰淇淋流淚
第二口蛋糕的滋味 第二件玩具帶來的安慰
大風吹 大風吹 爆米花好美 從頭到尾
忘記了誰 想起了誰 從頭到尾
再數一回 再數一回 有沒有荒廢 啦......
第一次吻別人的嘴 第一次生病了要喝藥水
太陽上山 太陽下山 冰淇淋流淚
第二次吻別人的嘴 第二次生病了需要喝藥水
大風吹 大風吹 爆米花好美
忽然天亮 忽然 天黑 諸如此類
遠走高飛 一二三歲 四五六歲 千秋萬歲

Day after day.
Tomorrow is another same day.
No expectation on love, career, excitement, adventures or miracles.
Soulless routine, day after day.
No more tasty cuisine and fantastic experience.
Live ends up with meanlingless repetition.
Definitely something is missing in my life.
I'm losing my mind.
Feeling terribly sick!


Anonymous mon said...

No expectations = No disappointments, fair-play!

平淡....有時是一種福氣! 習慣了平淡,妳的心就不會有從高處跌下來那種若有所失的空虛...

You may get lost in your mind sometimes but pls don't lose your heart.

1:45 am  
Blogger 寶妹獸 said...

yup, you are right. It's a fair-play.

Oh, you reminded me to find my heart...where's she? She's now playing hide and seek with me...she's very naughty...

8:44 am  
Anonymous mon said...

Oh, don't blame your heart, she's naughty because she's inherited from her master....where's the heart hiding?? Ask her master, she's the one who closes her heart, living in her grey world...."Open my heart please"(can't you hear the voice inside you saying?)

Cheer up gal, I know that you can do it! Time will mend everything....including your heart.

12:49 am  

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