Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Farewell a Friend, Wish her all the best!


離開 這一刻感覺不會忘記
朋友 抱擁告別明天各自遠飛
難得 並沒傷感依依不捨顧慮
重拾昨天 樂趣一堆

曾經 每一天相約找美麗去
陶醉 美的故事互相勉勵去追
曾經 望著天空一起哭泣至睡
臨別說起 亦笑相對

# 別了依然相信 以後有緣再聚
  未曾重遇以前 要珍惜愛自己
  就承諾在某年 某一天某地點 再見

Today while the blossoms
still cling to the vine
I'll taste your strawberries
I'll drink your sweet wine
A million tomorrows
shall all pass away
Are we forget all the joy
That is ours today

Repeat # #

Ah Bu is the best! What a lovely cat! >3<

Peg's red dyed eggs

wow wow wow!!! Big dishes! Great!!!

Water Melon ar!~~~~ Sweet but not cold enough...thx Tale for cutting it into pieces.

Cats gangs (a family, warm ar~=)

Ah Bu, amongst the legs.


Our careful driver, Janice! Thanks for the ride! >3<

Peg, we will miss you! Take care Ar! :)


Anonymous 喵爸 said...


12:25 am  
Blogger 寶妹獸 said...



7:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The blog of zzlai also talked about peg today. Although I don't know any of you (winking, zzlai, tungpo or winsome) personally, by reading your blogs and making some comments ocassionally, it seems that you have become my cyber friends.

B Lee

11:29 am  
Anonymous J Chou said...

yea..Peg的腳板怎麼像染色一樣? :p hm...想念你們大家。wing你好嗎?

... 待天沒這麼熱時, 快點安排來台灣玩吧!

11:42 am  
Anonymous 寶妹貓 said...

B Lee, it sounds good. :)
Enjoy the readings and sharing...lives no longer boring and meaningless...we all can create happiness to ourselves...




11:27 pm  

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