Friday, September 16, 2005

Team Building

Offsite Meeting
New Territories Area
Fierce Sunshine
Outside Activities
Terribly Hot!

African Drums
Man in Black
From Head to Toe
Charming and Energetic
My Painful Redish Hands

Pouring the Water In
Getting the Key
Closing the Holes with Fingers
Water Coming Out
Splashing to My Whole Body!

Tired Body
Losing Consciousness
Going to Sleep
Darkness Intervening the Surroundings

Playing African Drums game under the fierce sunshine...Oh My God! I'm going to be dried up!Help!

Demonstration by the African tutor.

See the holes? Water will splash out horizontally due to the I got wet entirely, esp. I'm a responsible person that I still in my position although water went on splashing to my face and the body...

We use these small red buckets to transfer the water from the origin to the tank.

Once got the key, everybody ran away in a second but there always a person left for holding the tank.

Scary? Real face and color from the hair dyed the T-shirt...My God!

Many friends bought me dinner in these few weeks. I'm so luckyyyyyyy ar~:)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not scary, indeed, your lips were sexy! :)

12:28 am  
Anonymous sputnik said...


12:59 am  
Anonymous Edward said...

waaaa, 好慘... 咁快件衫見紅!!

1:17 am  
Blogger 阿穎 said...

有没有被晒黑? 呵呵。。

1:34 am  
Blogger 胖企鵝 said...

呵呵~ 很久以前我也染過紅頭髮,結果每次沖涼都"流血"...
弄得我的毛巾都"血跡斑斑"的 :P

5:25 pm  
Blogger winking said...

Sputnik, I donno ar~試吓睇吓得唔得,唔係就學紮染,索性將成件衫染色




10:44 pm  
Blogger jasmine said...

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8:05 pm  

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